Several parties waiting for singer Ke$ha to walk in so they can begin

Pop sensation Ke$ha’s number one hit has had an impact on social lives everywhere, beyond simply giving a good beat to dance to while out on a weekend night.

In the song, she claims that “the party don’t start til I walk in.” Many of her fans and party-goers across the nation have taken her words, yet again, to heart. Thousands of parties have been put on hold, waiting for the young blonde to walk in so they can begin.

The phenomenon has been inconvenient to many college parties, but it is simply devastating to a number of wedding receptions that have been sitting and waiting awkwardly but patiently for Ke$ha to allow the party to begin.

Take the Gerstein wedding. Rachel and Mark Gerstein, a happily newly wedded couple, had everything go perfectly for their long-planned ceremony. That is, until they hit the reception. Both husband and wife are big fans of Ke$ha’s pop hit, and knew better than to attempt to begin a party before she walked in. So they sat. And their guests sat. They assumed that Ke$ha would know where the party was and would simply gravitate to it.

The result was a long and uncomfortable pause filled with silence and anticipation.

Ke$ha never came.

“We eventually had to attempt to begin the party without her,” Rachel Gerstein said. “Nobody really knew how.”

The Gersteins are simply one case out of thousands who have been stood up by the pop singer while waiting to begin a party. It is believed that the phenomenon will continue as long as Ke$ha’s song gets air time.

Pop singer Ke$ha diagnosed with multiple cavities from brushing her teeth “with a bottle of Jack”

Though pop singer Ke$ha’s hit single “Tik Tok” has put the young artist on the music map, her poor hygiene habits have put numerous cavities in her mouth.

In her debut song, the singer admits that, “before I leave/ brush my teeth/ with a bottle of Jack”. The heart-felt lyrics, though delivered superfluously, are tremendously important to understanding the singer’s condition.

Dr. Ray Cartier, her childhood dentist, claims he doesn’t know where her lack of care for her teeth stemmed from. “As a child, I always told Ke$ha how important it was to brush her teeth with proper toothpaste and floss twice a day,” he says, “She seems to only remember that it’s important to brush, not what to brush with.”

Cartier and other dental experts appalled by the lyrics agree that there is no question as to why she has numerous cavities. They agree that a night of drinking alone can wreak havoc on healthy teeth between the alcohol and sugar that are consumed. Let alone attempting to brush your teeth with Jack Daniels Whiskey in the morning.

Because of the money Ke$ha has made from her hit single, she will have access to the proper medical and dental care to improve her teeth and overall hygiene situation. The fear for many experts is the far-reaching implications her lyrics may have on younger generations.

“It’d be good if Ke$ha could explain herself,” Dr. Cartier says. “Let her cavities be an example of a path little girls who look up to her don’t want to take. She could be a real role model in the dental community.”

Ke$ha was too drunk to coherently comment on the situation.