Justin Beiber music video shoot takes three days longer than expected due to uncooperative hair

Young pop sensation Justin Beiber has won a lot of teenybopper hearts with his literal boyish charm and generic good looks. Perhaps what sets Beiber apart from so many other boys his age, and what sets the hearts of his fan’s on fire, is his meticulously side-swept dirty blonde hair.

In every music video the young star creates, his hair seems to steal the show. During the filming of his latest video “Baby”, a duet featuring hip hop artist Ludacris, Bieber’s hair was being rather uncooperative.

Rather than simply staying on whatever side it had been carefully combed to, the hair would-on occasion- fall in the star’s face making him look more like your average emo teenager than the rising pop icon he is. Every time the hair became unruly, all filming and production had to stop in order to attempt to tame it.

One of the eight stylists on set to take care of Beiber, suggested a different cut for the young star. When everyone became silent and stared him down, he smiled uncomfortable and suggested maybe they just even it out so it’s not such a pain to work with.

The stylist was fired on the spot.

Though the shoot took three days longer than expected, Beiber’s hair managed to remain in the perfect positioning throughout the shots in the video, often defying gravity and keeping itself parallel to the ground while sitting on his head.

Beiber personally declined to comment because he was fully engrossed in his afternoon nap while this story was being written. His publicist said simply, “It’s very important for a boy his age to get plenty of sleep in the afternoon. He’s still growing, after all.”

Teenager confirms that parents combined IQ lower than tree moss

14-year-old Gordon Ashburg is, yet again, in a fight with his parents. The trio, who seemed to get along just two short years ago, have found themselves especially angry at each other over the past year. Where they used to find common ground on many parent/son issues, they are now finding more and more conflict.

Though these may seem like somewhat normal circumstances for parents raising a teenage son, Ashburg is convinced nobody really understands what he’s going through, stating, “You guys just don’t get it. My parents are so stupid! They don’t listen and don’t understand anything. Anything!”

In order to substantiate this wild claim, Ashburg conducted some research of his own. He discovered that one of earth’s more basic organisms, tree moss, grows in dark, damp places and spreads across many areas to insure its survival. His parents, however, spend lots of time in the harsh, dangerous sun spreading only their waistlines with their poor eating habits. Therefore, Ashburg drew the conclusion that his parents combined IQ must be lower than the tree moss because they make poorer decisions for their survival.

While the news might be shocking to many who know and work with Ashburg’s parents, it comes as absolutely no surprise to the teen. “You should see how they nag me about cleaning my room. I mean, they’re so stupid! They just don’t get it! Nobody understands me!”

Ashburg holds out hope that with the right amount of training, counseling and weekly allowance, his findings could be slightly altered. Until then, however, he vows to continue to treat them like the scum of the earth they are.