Leg Press Kisses

I saw something either disgusting or adorable the other day in the weight room.spidey

A woman was sitting on the leg press and her significant other was standing above her. They were talking really close. Then he gave her a kiss. Upsidown-Spiderman-kiss style.

There are times in my life I would have found that disgusting. I would have thought their PDA was way too much. I would have mumbled and grumbled in my head, thinking they should put a lid on it when they’re in a neutral location like a gym. So if you find the thought of two people kissing on a leg press machine gross, I totally understand where you’re coming from.

I happen to be in a different headspace these days. I thought actually found their affection endearing and adorable. Instead of throwing up in my mouth, I giggled under my breath and thought of some of my own happiness lately and identified with them.

I let their little bit of light shine on me. And it felt great, you guys. Just…fabulous.