Creepy bug meets ironic end in epic battle

Yesterday, The Snoopy Digest reported a story about a woman and her war-like struggle with a giant creepy bug in her apartment.

Today, we have a follow up story on what happened hours after publishing that story.

Patricia Carter, who spent much of her night and morning nervously looking around for any sign of her giant enemy, decided to take a shower. Upon pulling back the curtain to her shower, she saw it.

There, lying in the bathtub and drowned in a small pool of water, was her enemy.

After initially jumping back at the sight of the creature again, she paused. And realized that her enemy died in a most easy to clean up spot, an issue that kept her from originally squashing him in the first place. And she also realized how ironic his death was since she had originally used bathtub cleaner to attempt to kill him in the first place. And, there he was, dirtying up her bathtub in one last act of rebellion.

She bowed to him in respect and sighed with relief.