Pics at the Gym

I see people post them all the time. I think they’re dumb. Why did you take time out of your workout in a public space to take an over-posed picture of yourself post-workout?

If you’re a celebrity (ie Hugh Jackman’s recent workout pic), fine. I get it. You get people taking pictures of you constantly. It’s good publicity. You’re used to pictures. And often, you’re working out alone or with a personal trainer.

But if you’re just a douchebag at the gym who wants to show the world how you look after a set of weights… Ugh.

I got a gym to myself last week and in honor of all these douchebags who pose for pictures, I took an overly posed gym pic for your enjoyment:


Smile for the camera





Completed my first half marathon of the year (my goal is to do six of these bad boys this year…)

It felt great to finish this at a record (for me) pace (9:17 per mile average)

Despite being tired and focusing hard, I never forgot why I was running in the first place. Because I find it freaking fun.

And since I’m an actress by trade, I can’t help myself when I see a camera…