Other Client List Update!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.38.45 PMI’ve mentioned many ‘a time that I wrote, produced, and starred in a web series called the Other Client List.

Well… I did. And it’s been filmed. And for those of you who were sweet enough to donate to the project, I just wanted to give you an update that it’s still very much alive and kickin’. We’re watching the episodes as they’re being edited by our fantabulous editor Glen Montgomery. He’s doing an amazing job. They’re hilarious and I’m so impressed and excited. We watch, give some feedback and notes, and Glen goes back in and makes his magic.

I’m hoping we have a day we can do a big premiere for all of these episodes in the next couple months. We’ll probably take our time rolling them out online, but they should be up and ready- hopefully- by the end of the year. As I know more, I’ll post it to our website.

Also, as I have more time, I’ll improve the website.

So that is the update! I am very excited! You should be too! Hooray!

More Than Talent

talent quoteI heard someone talking about Ariana Grande the other day. They were saying how she may have the same range as Mariah Carey.

People seem to like to do that. Compare new people to living legends.

Love or hate her, Mariah Carey has a legendary voice. But before we go comparing all the newbies with great range to someone with an established career, I want to remind everyone of a lesson that is near and dear to my heart.

It takes a lot more than talent to become a standout success in any career.

I’m not knocking down Ariana Grande. Nor am I trying to build up Mariah Carey. I just want to make it clear that people talk a lot about talent as if the best talent will always shine through. But truth be told, you’ve gotta work your ass off and have talent in order to break through. Then you’ve gotta continue to work your ass off for years in order to continue having a great career. In my example (that I’m not super proud of at this point), Mariah Carey is extremely talented. No doubt. But she also has worked her ass off to become a household name and near-legend. And she’s done it for years. So could Ariana Grande be the next Mariah Carey? Time and her work ethic will only tell.

I’m not writing this because I care anything really about these people. It’s really a reflection of my own work and my own ambition. I know I’ve got talent. And so do tons of people around me. Which is spectacular because they challenge me to be even better. But in order to really stand out and have the type of career and success I want, I have to be willing to work hard and work for a long time. And that means actually doing the work.

Which reminds me, I gotta jet to a meeting where I have to go show someone who might be able to help me that I’m talented. Likely they’ll just say “thank you” and and move along. So I’ll have to do even more work. And that’s ok with me. I’m ready, willing, and able.

Let’s do the damn thing.


Back to School Schedule

school busI had to make a change to my schedule. I was pushing myself too hard. It was unsustainable. I was trying to get up at 6 am to get to the gym every morning before working for a while before going to my day job then spending late into the evening working on comedy. I was barely sleeping and usually sleeping through the gym. It didn’t work. Couldn’t keep it up.

So I’m trying something new. I’m letting myself sleep a little later to accommodate for my constant, inevitable late nights. Then I write in the morning before heading off to work, much earlier than I was before. Then I can leave earlier than I did before. And can go to the gym during that sweet spot after lunch rush but before “regular” people are out of their jobs. Right around the time when school gets out.

Maybe it’s not “ideal” to not workout first thing in the morning, but it’s more ideal to at least get to the gym and get a workout in than to regularly have to choose between sleeping a reasonable amount and working out. It’s counter-intuitive to miss either of these. So I had to make a change. And that’s what I decided upon. At least for now.

Plus, I’m done with the gym in time to clean up and still get out to the second half of my day- meetings, writing, rehearsals, shows, etc.

I already feel more well-rested, calmer, and more productive. And I’m making some inroads on getting in better shape. Because I can go consistently. And that feels good.

Plus, whenever I go, I get more stories for this blog. So really, it’s a win/win for all of us.

Warning: Expect Delays Ahead

delaysFair warning: I have been a little inundated with tons of stuff on the plate. I do this to myself, but usually I can handle it all and keep up the productivity.

I have guests in town right now. My parents. Not just normal guests. My parents. I call it #ParentalDownpour. I’m noting it all on Facebook. It’s pretty amusing. For everyone else. It’s VERY REAL for me.

Anyway, as a result I’ve been spending more time focusing on hanging with my family and not being super productive. Still productive, but not super-productive.

All this to say… the regularly scheduled Femoir: The Podcasts are gonna be behind for a while. It’ll be about a bit before I get back to them. The expected return date is August 19th. I hope to do a marathon night so I can queue up a whole bunch so this doesn’t happen again.

Until then, there are 67 total episodes you can catch up on. Have you listened to them all? I didn’t think so. So how about you hold up your end of the bargain and use this time to catch up on all the wacky ramblings and the sillies I put out for you every week, and I’ll hold up my end by promising to return to your ear very soon.

That sounded weird. But I’m gonna go ahead and leave it.

I’m in your ear. Deal.

Productivity Princess

princessI wrote this article for Ms. In the Biz about being more productive.

6 Tips to Better Productivity

Read it. Learn from it. Talk to me about it.

Or don’t. It’s up to you.

Productive Workout

dead menI needed to do two things yesterday. I needed to watch a specific stylized movie, “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” because I’m working on a short film noir screenplay. And I needed to workout. And I didn’t have time for both if I did them separately.

So I combined them.

I got in my workout gear, turned on my fan (because it’s summer in LA and I don’t have air conditioning) and I watched my movie while working out.

And I giggled. And I sweat. And I was productive.

To be fair, I used to be mildly obsessed with this movie- so it was really just a refresher as I watched it. If it had been the first time I’d ever seen it, I’d probably not be distracted by working out. It’s worth your full attention.

It wasn’t the best workout I’ve ever had. But it was a lot better than if I had chosen to just watch the movie and not go to the gym. Because… let’s be honest, if I had made it an either/or thing… I would not have worked out at all.

Gym Break

couch_potato_misty_2_by_lardmeister-d4cd9odI had to take a break from the gym. I don’t like it, but it’s the reality.

My schedule for the past week has been so packed, I’ve barely had time to sleep let alone shower or go to the gym.

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t like when I’m out of balance and can’t get to the gym. This is the longest I’ve gone without any workouts in a long time. And the worst part- I’m also out of control of my diet since I’m running all over the place and don’t have time to get to the grocery store let alone prep food for the week. So it all feels out of control and I get anxious that I’m losing all the progress I’ve made in working out.

Then again, everything has a time and a place. I know (because I’ve been practicing telling myself this stuff for years) that balance is important and it’s ok to sometimes to be a little off balance. It’s a journey not a destination.

But it still feels funky and makes me feel a little off and I wish I could just squeeze in a workout somewhere without sacrificing one of the major projects on the plate right now.

Or… maybe… I just need to not put so many daggum projects on my plate so this doesn’t happen again because it feels funky.

And makes me type nonsensical.

Much like this blog.

Episode 52: Celebration & Gratitude – Show Notes

Episode 52 of the revamped Femoir: The Podcast is available now (subscribe for free on iTunes!)


Here are some notes:

What do you think? What do you want me to talk about? What are you wearrrriiiiing?

Ok! I love you! Bye bye!

Just Ask

I had a cool thing happen this week.

I met with this community who I want to learn from. I learned how much it would cost to learn from them and knew I couldn’t afford it right now. They have a scholarship program. I applied. I got a hefty scholarship with a payment plan to make it possible to afford to learn from them. I was so excited.

I told a friend of mine about the opportunity and his first response was, “I’m jealous. I want to do that.”

I told him he should do it, too. He said he didn’t know how. I said, “Just ask.

That was the only difference between him and me. I asked.

I saw something I wanted and I simply asked.

There have been a few instances in my life in which people say they wish they could do whatever it is I’m doing. And I tell them if they really want to, they absolutely should. And they say they don’t know how. So I tell them to just ask. Google it. Send an email. Find a mentor. Read books about it.

Whatever it is, just ask how you can make it a reality. The answer is out there. I promise.

I apply this to my own goals and career constantly. I’m a believer that the universe supplies exactly what you ask for, so you need to be clear about what you want. If you don’t have a clear goal, you can’t be sure how all the pieces in your life fit together and serve you. And whatever you want may not come your way because you’re not actively asking for it.

Don’t spend your precious energy wishing you could do something your heart desires. Find out how to do it. And the best way to find out?

Yep. You guessed it. Just ask.