Shout out!

I wanna give a very special shout out to a fantastic blog that inspires and entertains me (and has for two years!) called Bad Angel Rules for Running.

They’re fearless. They’re hilarious. They’re helpful, and they’re in great shape.

Check it out.

That is all for today.

I ate Chipotle and had frozen yogurt so…I don’t have anything else healthy to contribute to this post.

Runner’s Smile

Today was an absolutely glorious day for a run. So I took advantage of it. And ran.


It felt so good to get out there and try a very specific run (which I’ll write about later) and just enjoy the feeling of outdoors and freedom and health. (Gross, I know, but true nonetheless)

I was running with a smile pretty much plastered on my face (also in part because I knew it was going to be a short run so I would be back to eat my celebratory ice cream in no time). A few minutes in, I saw a woman running towards me with a smile also plastered on her face. She looked more like a hardcore runner (probably thinking about her pace and not the ice cream that was waiting for her at home) and she was going at a happy clip like me. 

When we were close enough, we looked at each other through our nice, polarized, expensive running sunglasses and exchanged a big smile. When we were close enough, I said “Hi!” and she said “Hi!” right back. It was just a moment, but it was like we were exchanging a secret runner handshake that affirmed this ridiculously repetitive and silly act we were doing is actually a secret to lasting happiness.

At least that’s what I was thinking. I’m sure she thought the same. Probably. Maybe. Surely. Yeah.

Either way, it was a small and awesome exchange. And it put a little extra pep in my step. And made the short but sweet run even sweeter.

(Plus, the post-run ice cream also helped add some sweetness. Did I mention I was thinking of the ice cream the whole time? Because I was. And now you probably are, too. You’re welcome.)