She’s coming…

zee movie poster 1The weirdo, Zeekeela Tloxlan, is finally going to be coming to the big screen.

Not long ago, she made some time to be followed around and interviewed for a short documentary.

The documentary has been pending with a spectacular team handling all aspects of it’s post-production.

But soon- very soon- the world will see her for who she truly is. A friggin weirdo.

Premiere date is tentatively set for Wednesday, November 5th at El Cid Theater. Then she’s gonna be submit like crazy to whatever festival is willing to give her strange self a little screentime.

Then she’ll be released to the general public. That poor, unsuspecting general public. It doesn’t even know what’s gonna hit it.

She’s such a friggin weirdo. (I secretly love her. Shhhhh. Don’t tell.)

Paper Towel Headband

sweet styleLast week at the gym, I saw a lady get creative. She took a bunch of paper towels out of the dispenser, tied them together and wrapped them around her head like a sweatband.

I assume this would work. The towels would absorb the sweat.  A little bit. Assuming the knot she tied stays and she only sweats for about five minutes.

While I think it was a creative idea if you forget your sweatband at home, I think just keeping a paper towel around to wipe your face off as it sweats would be just as efficient.

She just looked pretty silly. That’s all.

And I’m all about silly. 

So I guess what I’m saying is… I’m jealous she thought of it first.