Thin walls leave little mystery to neighbors activities

Chicago, IL- When Chad Walton moved into his little studio apartment in the busy Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview, he knew he was not going to be completely cut off from the rest of the world. His studio was small and his rent was cheap.

The first night, as he listened to the nightly news on his neighbor’s television through the wall, he knew he could expect some issues. But he’s a busy guy and a heavy sleeper, so he didn’t worry too much about the issue. It wasn’t until a couple weeks later when he heard two people, a high and low pitched voice, that he started to realize just how thin the walls between the apartments were.

“At first I heard just a man and a woman having a good time,” Walton says. “Then I heard them having a really good time. And I heard most everything. And I got uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.”

In a small apartment, he admits there aren’t many places to hide. Unable to get away from the noise, he simply turned up his stereo and pretended nothing unusual was happening.

While many people accustomed to close-quarters city living would argue that there’s nothing strange about Walton’s circumstances, Walton says there is one strange element he can’t seem to get over.

“After I hear the man and woman together for a while, and turn my stereo up, I almost always hear the woman leave the apartment shortly thereafter. She never stays very long,” Walton explains.

What’s strangest is there have been occasions where Walton walks to the elevator on his floor and there will be a woman in a long trench coat, wearing sunglasses and putting a wad of cash in her pocket. It’s happened on more than one occasion. Despite feeling like an intimate friend of this woman, he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t make eye contact. “I’m afraid she’ll know I can hear her,” he says. “And that would just be so embarrassing for everyone!”

His neighbor once confronted him, point blank and said “I hope you can’t hear me at night.” To which Walton started sweating profusely and getting uncomfortable. “I mean because I snore so loud,” his neighbor added. Somewhat relieved but not yet off the hook, Walton simply responded, “Nope. I can’t hear anything ever.” And his neighbor smiled and discussed the nasal issue that made him snore so loud.

Walton says he maintains a friendly relationship with his neighbor, and has never let on that he can hear anything. And he has yet to make eye contact with the lady visitor.