Crash Bam Boom

Last weekend I had a rare Saturday free. I was planning on doing a bunch of things, but didn’t really have anything specific on the docket. So instead of being my normal, hyperproductive self… I crashed.

I even took a picture as proof. crash

That’s me face down on top of a clothes pile on my bed holding a beer.

I would like to point at that at least the floor around me was relatively tidy. Pretty proud of that.

Basically my day went like this: Sleep in until 11:30ish. Meditate. Putz around the apartment. Eat. Workout. Do dishes. Put clothes away. Go for a walk. Meditate again. Eat again. Another walk for a snack. Some staring at the computer screen. Some texts convincing people I was too busy to go out. Some more putzing. Do required writing for class tomorrow. Bed.

That’s it.

And- even though I didn’t yet have my Matthew McConaughey-style-motivation, I’m still pretty proud of that day. It was needed. It was the first time in weeks I exhaled. It was the first day I did whatever I wanted and barely talked to anyone around me. It was a me-day. And it felt good.

I had a lot of stresses- personal, financial, and career-oriented- over the past couple months. I just kept plowing through them without taking time to relax. And last Saturday, I finally just let myself relax.

And even though I wasn’t productive, I set myself up for a much more well-rested, energetic, and productive rest of the week. I think I need these crashes every once in a while.


AM vs PM workouts

Age old question, amiright folks?

In an ideal world, with an ideal schedule, I would love to get up and workout in the morning.

In my reality, with my schedule, I often do not have the time to workout in the morning.

The result is, in order to get my (much needed) workout in, I have to go late at night. I don’t mean after work. I mean like- late at night 10 pm at the earliest.

The only reason I don’t like this is because the gym I go to often supposedly closes at 11 pm, so I don’t get that much time to workout. I like to meander and take my time. Then again, I see a lot of people there until 11, so maybe I should push my luck. Maybe the website is wrong and it’s open until midnight. Maybe I’ll try that tonight. Maybe.

I also have a harder time at night because I get sleepy sleepy or think of a million things I need to do before bed and convince myself to either cut my workout short or skip it altogether.

I also am scared of the people there late at night. For some reason, my gym is packed at night. Much more than in the late morning. And I like to have quiet me time at the gym, which is harder with lots of people around.

I’ve heard some people prefer late night workouts. I prefer working out to not working out… but I don’t think I’m crazy about doing it late at night.


Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be at the gym tonight.