Femoir: The Podcast – COMPARISON – Show Notes

It’s another Femoir: The Podcast, friends and here are the show notes for all the things that are chatted about during this episode.

It’s a lot this time, so strap in… here we gocompare!

I mention 123 and me. I meant 23andme. Silly mistake!

I also talk about The Chicago Comedy scene, Wikipedia, and my previous podcast called “GUT.”

Then I mention what my favorite Zen Good/Bad story, Mindy Kaling, a great article by “Thought Catalog” called This is how we date now, my soul buddy Renee.

Then I invent Nude Feeds… naughty! And I make W sounds like “Cool Whip.

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Happy Birthday, TMI!

I’ve been doing shows with a group called TMI Hollywood for almost two years now. Since they started in August of 2012.tmi

Sunday, they celebrate these two years of incredible humor, hard work, and lots of ridiculous sillies.

For two years, they’ve booked a guest host and put up a completely new show every single week based on the celebrity gossip and Hollywood happenings in the past week. It takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to run this well-oiled (usually) machine.

I lucked out when I went to that audition and lucked out to snag a spot in that cast. I’ve been even luckier to have stuck with it for the past two years and continue to be a part of the ever-growing and extremely talented community.

If you’re around LA on Sunday, August 10, come check out the show at the Second City Hollywood.

If you’re not, they always stream them live online at the website (and then upload the full show video to YouTube the next day).

And there’s always awesome pictures on their Facebook page and great tweets on their Twitter.

I’m grateful to know them and to get to work and play with them constantly.

Happy birthday, my obnoxious comedy lovers. Here’s to many more!

Woman Gets into Second City Conservatory in Chicago, Writes Fake News Story to Brag About It

A young 24-year-old from Indianapolis who recently relocated to Chicago, IL, has successfully been accepted into the Second City Conservatory program after auditioning last Friday. The woman, who will remain anonymous, has stated she is “psyched” and “jazzed” and “gonna tear it up”.

The young woman claims to have moved to Chicago to pursue jobs as an actress and improviser. And this accomplishment is a great step in that direction, since it was one of the original goals of the move.

When asked how she would spread the news to her friends and family, the woman seemed hesitant, stating, “I don’t want to go on and on about it…but I am proud and excited so I’ll have to come up with some sort of clever but passive way of bragging about it.” Though she knows she could simply change her Facebook and Twitter status, she said, “That’s not my style. I write nonsensical fake news stories for fun and make those my status. I can’t start making my statuses real. It’ll throw so many people off.”

Though she remains unsure about how she’ll spread the happy news, she maintains that there must be some passive way to indirectly spread the self-centered message. She assures herself, “I’ll come up with something ridiculous. No doubt.”