Vegas, baby. Vegas.

This weekend I’m going to Vegas with a few girlfriends to do… well, Vegas.

One of the big things everyone gets excited about in Vegas is lounging and drinking by a pool. People want to look “good” while they’re lounging because everyone is there to be seen. Gotta be picture ready for the pictures you’ll take to post on social media so you can show all your friends how much fun your life is and how perfect your body is.

I’ve been using this trip as an excuse to go harder at the gym knowing that I’ll be walking around in a bikini in Vegas.

But the truth is… I’m pale and last about 20 minutes in direct sunlight even with all my sunscreen on. If all we’re doing is lounging, I’d rather lounge in the shade under a blanket to protect my skin. If I’m gonna get burned, it damn well better be because I’m doing something awesome in the sunlight for so long I forget to reapply my sunscreen.

Plus… I don’t really care what the people who like lounging by pools in Vegas think of me. Like… at all.

So I’m packing sunscreen, a bikini, and a whole lot of IDON’TGIVEAF*** for this trip.

Vegas, baby. Vegas.

Better Touch

I thought it is very important to share with the world that, while on a recent trip on a plane this weekend, I looked at the airport security gloves. The name of the glove was called “Better Touch.” I started laughing out loud-not a good idea when you’re walking through heightened security. I had only ever been taught “good touch” or “bad touch” but never heard anything of this murky, “better touch.” One of the workers had noticed that I was laughing to myself, so I asked her what exactly a “better touch” meant. She began laughing, too, admitting that she came to work for TSA every day and had never thought twice about the name of the gloves. She talked about how they were newly redesigned for added comfort, so they would be smoother and we looked at the description on the box together and laughed. Then, one of her gloves broke and we both looked at each other and agreed that the gloves are absolutely no good for protection if they go breaking all the time.

I will never go through airport security without giggling again.

…some of the giggling may be as a result of the uncomfortable “better touches” that come from being searched unnecessarily…