With Vampire popularity soaring, pale girl finally feels accepted by society

Katrina Vollado has struggled with her own self-image for years. As a person without normal pigmentation, or PWONP, she often finds it difficult to feel beautiful in a culture that worships the sun and its effects on human skin.

As a PWONP, which is more commonly referred to as a “pale” person, she does not have the ability to tan like many people do. Instead, she burns to a crisp when she’s in the sun too long.

Her skin pigmentation, or lack thereof, has been a struggle for her throughout the years. That is, until, vampires made a resurgence into popular culture. Movies like the Twilight saga and “The Vampire Diaries,” Vollado has found herself suddenly proud of her porcelain skin.

Vampires, by nature, cannot be in contact with the sunlight, and therefore remain very pale. Paler than most other pop culture icons.

“I finally look like the movie stars!” she exclaims, proudly. “I’m hoping after the latest Twilight movie comes out, werewolves will become popular again and maybe I won’t have to shave my legs all winter!”

While she realizes this may be wishful thinking, it seems like a perfectly attainable goal for Vollado. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that her pale skin seemed to doom her. Now, she shows it off proudly. Occasionally wearing fangs to add to her allure.