A small smattering…

 Demo Reel

General Comedic Demo Reel

Articulate Neanderthal

40 Minute Stand Up Comedy Special

The Choose Your Own Sketch Show

Virtual Reality Interactive Comedic Sketch Show produced with AmazeVR and currently available on Oculus (via the AmazeVR app).

DIY Daisy

A YouTube vlogger takes her obsession too far in this award-winning short.

Trial Period

Nominated for Best Actress, Best Short, Best Writing in various festivals in 2019

The West Files

Two childish deputies become unwitting partners to help an old western town battle out-of-this-world outlaws in this proof of concept comedy western Sci-Fi.

Hello: A Visual Love Story (Remix)

Nothing like a little interpretive dance to let your emotions fly free.

Meet Zee: Documentary of a Weirdo

Hard to describe. Impossible to understand. Easy to love. Just watch it.

An American Beauty

Created for the 2014 Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge. Nominated for Best Short and Best Acting.

The Other Client List

A 2015 web series about two very different friends who create their own gym to take ownership of their lives.
Featured on

Would You Eat The Dogs?

Produced as of May 2021 – running the indie festival circuit until 2022

And plenty more where that came from…