Another show bites the dust!

We did it, friends!

A successful show at iO West’s LA Improv Comedy Festival! Hooooraaaay!

Some of my favorites parts were:

1. Shannon E. Payne making a color-coded outline on top of the color-coded outline I provided her to make sure lights and sound cues were done correctly.

2. Shannon E. Payne making me a new Franny Fanny Pack because I somehow misplaced my bedazzled one.

3. Shannon E. Payne in general.

4. The wonderful friends from all over who came out to support! It was so cool! I had friends from UCB Country, Stand Up Comedy Land, Groundlings World, and even Second City Chicago Lane! What a monumental coming together of lots of wonderful people! I was so happy to have such great friends around!

5. I felt like part of the comedy community! Not only was is amazing to have such fun friends around, but it was even more fun to run into friends from all over while at iO West. Tons of people who have shows in the festival were coming and going- it was delightful.

6. Making people laugh… duh.

Enjoy the continued podcasts until the next live show, friends. HUZZAH!

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