Clever article title masks poor content

An article was written once. It was no good. People didn’t like the content. They didn’t understand what it was about.

About face, Sargent! Face your fears. Fear Factor is a stupid TV show where people make poor life decisions. Poor Margaret, God didn’t respond to her letters. Let ‘er rip! Rip Van Winkle can have my babies any day. Baby love, my baby love, I need you oh how I need you. Knead the dough until it is soft and ready to be baked. Half Baked launched Dave Chapelle’s career. Saturday Night Live has been a launching pad for many successful comedic careers. Check out this bachelor pad. Tchaikovsky created incredible music.

That’s music to my ears! Lake Eerie makes Cleveland really cold in the winter. All the little chicks with the crimson lips go “Cleveland Rocks! Cleveland Rocks!” Live from Studio 8H in Rockefeller Plaza in New York! Study your spelling test so you can get all the words right. Test tube babies are a controversial subject. I will not be your experimental subject. Experience everything life has to offer.

The only saving grace of the article was it’s clever title.

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