Man shakes his fist at God, God shakes the earth in response

Jeremy Young was never a religious man. So imagine his surprise when he walked off the train last Saturday into a rainstorm, shook his fist at the sky and cursed, imagine his surprise when the earth beneath him began shaking.

“As long as I shook my fist, I felt the earth below shaking right back,” Young explained. “I even stopped a couple times, and the second I raised my fist and made a sound, there was a slight quake. Like God was saying ‘nip it in the bud’ or something,” he added.

Rodney Wong, a passerby, saw the entire incident. “It was just the earth beneath the guy who was cursing the heavens. And the moment he stopped, the mini-quake stopped, too.”

God’s press secretary, who said God had to decline an interview because of his busy schedule, simply stated, “Let’s just say, the big guy’s getting somewhat crotchety in his old age. People have no patience for him anymore, so he’s been playing more practical jokes than he has in a couple thousand years. If it’s raining, it’s probably not because he wants you to have a bad day, but more likely because somebody somewhere needs some rain. He’s done worse in the past, let’s be honest. At least this is milder than a huge flood or fire or bees all over the place or something! I mean, let’s put this all in perspective, ok?”

With that simple angry, impatient gesture, Jeremy Young became a believer. And a more patient person. And, just a little, God-fearing.

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