Facebook poke relationship turns substantial

It began as just a pointless, confusing, digital “poke” on the online networking site, Facebook. That simple act transformed the lives of Mr. Joey Pewter and Mrs. Hailey Clear-Pewter.

The two first met when Facebook suggested they had a few friends in common and should consider befriending each other. As Mr. Pewter recalls, “I had no idea who this Hailey Clear was, but I figured why not add a new friend?” And so he made that fateful click that would begin a new era for him. As Mrs. Clear-Pewter recalls, “I saw we had friends in common so I figured why not accept the friendship? Obviously, I’m so glad I finally did.”

The digital courtship did not begin immediately. Mr. Pewter took a bold move by deciding to “poke” her one day. He explains, “I wanted to see if she would poke me back. You can learn a lot about a person based on their Facebook poke etiquette.”

Mrs. Clear-Pewter recalls the day when she saw the first poke. She says it told her a lot about what type of person he was and the possibilities of their relationship. “I hesitated to poke back, just because of what it might say about me. I didn’t want him to get the wrong impression and thing I would just respond to a simple poke after just meeting someone.” She smiles, adding, “But I guess it was just meant to be.”

After the initial poke exchange, they pokes became more frequent. The two found themselves poking each other three to four times a day. Finally, Mr. Pewter couldn’t stand the tension anymore and asked her out through a Facebook message.

Mrs. Clear-Pewter said she wasn’t surprised. She expected this to happen. It was the next logical step after their intense poking.

On that first date, Mr. Pewter proposed. Mrs. Clear-Pewter again wasn’t surprised, claiming, “When you’re that serious about somebody on Facebook, you know it has to be something special. I knew the moment I saw him and he jokingly poked my arm, he was the one for me.”

Three weeks later, and three months after the initial Facebook poke, the two were married. They, of course, immediately changed their Facebook status and Tweeted about the ceremony on their way to the reception.

“The digital age is speeding up everything. We just found out Hailey’s pregnant, and we’re only expecting about three months of pregnancy before that baby’s out,” Mr. Pewter says.

They, of course, already have a Facebook account set up for their unborn child.

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