Tight black pants not found to be universally slimming

Despite their normally flattering color and typically slimming effect, a new study has shown that not all people who wear black tights will make them look good. In fact, there is a segment of the population that, when wearing black tights, will actually look more unattractive than if they had chosen almost any other pant option.

The study, conducted by the Center for Ugliness Prevention, CUP, showed that if a person were about 30-70 lbs too heavy for their frame, the black tights were most likely to have an adverse effect on their overall look.

The biggest surprise of the CUP study is the fact that people up to 30 lbs overweight, can still actually look good in the black tights if they have any definition in their legs. Anything at 30 lbs or more, however, has an opposite effect for the viewer. The study shows people tend to stop and stare more, often wondering why a person that big would choose to wear such tight clothes.

CUP issued a public service announcement with their latest findings, asking people who are overweight to shy away from wearing black pants any more and assuring them once and for all that they do not look nearly as good in them as they may think.

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